Rasmus Schulte-Rahde

Chef of Food

The North is whole again, now winter can come. Rasmus Schulte-Rahde, born in Kiel, fled the country to warm up in a five-star hotel in the Portuguese Algarve. After his education, he found his way back to Germany and moved to Hamburg. In 2015, he helped us to develop the taste that Heritage restaurant should become known for: being fresh and modern, innovative but still modest. Rasmus leads a team of 30. If newcomers want to join their company, they should put passion and creativity at the top of their resume.

Axel Herz

Master of Service

It is not only the food that makes a restaurant, but also the people who work there. Axel Herz, our master of service, is the face and heart of Heritage restaurant. His attention to detail is effortless, his sense of service incomparable, his experience priceless. Since 2003, he has guided his loyal crew through the evenings and every day he has discovered new ways to put a smile on our guest’s faces. His strategy: embrace them with open arms, make them feel special, surprise them with extraordinary taste.

Tobias Becher

Keeper of Happiness

We are immensely thrilled and delighted that Tobi joined our team to arrange our parties from now on. Traveling the world, he learned all about what it means to be an excellent host. With stopovers in South Africa, Canada and the Emirates, he was best prepared with his present-day affair of the heart: to present our guests above the Alster the most magnificent entertainment they could ever desire. He is head organizer of all rooftop bar and Heritage events and leads his team with charm and intuition. Guests know: they are number one.

Nora Gobel

Queen of Drinks

Since forever, Nora dreamt of clinking glasses, sparkling refreshments and exotic tastes. In 2015, Nora made her dreams come true, became assistant bar manager at the Heritage Bar, and couldn’t wait to start her business on the rooftop. About her drinks: there is no competition! She loves fancy and extravagant cocktails – as long as you don’t mess with too much juice in the glass. Nora is our decision maker. That’s why we can promise excellent service, drinks and spirits. Mix it like it’s hot!